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The greatest air-conditioner ad ever made

Can you remember any ads for air conditioners? Well, look at this masterpiece from Argentina and you'll never forget BGH air conditioners. Ever.

Is he creepy or wise? AdAge screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some products are never graced with memorable ads.

Perhaps the products speak for themselves. Or perhaps their manufacturers are dowdy conservative folk, who just want to do something basic.

Then along come the macabre minds at air-conditioner manufacturer BGH. They got together with their ad agency in Argentina to create something that may leave you with, well, chills.

For here is a man who hates summer.

He stays at home. He is regarded as something of a psychopath. Perhaps he merely grew up in New York, where summer offers a full exposition of the perfect hell, leaving many with strange tendencies.

And yet, as one listens to his explanations, we surely feel a little sympathy.

For we all have psychopathic elements ourselves, elements that we are desperate to control.

Perhaps we have an irrational distaste for those who wear North Face jackets. Perhaps we are sent demented by those who wear mules. Perhaps we are merely turned green by specific words like "shell" and "nuts."

For him, there is no joy in the sweaty, dripping armpit, nor in the sunbathing exhibitionist.

For him, there would be warm justice if suntan oil were flammable.

I am grateful to AdAge for having brought this work of art to my attention.

BGH has made itself something of a reputation for turning received summer wisdoms on their heads.

Earlier this year, the company released another quite brilliant ad in which summer's greatest nightmare was posited: dads in briefs. (I have embedded this for your pleasure below.)

At a time when many electronics manufacturers seem to struggle to capture the imagination of humans, BGH's work proves that, with a little thought and imagination, your brand can become indelibly imprinted on the human psyche.

Sometimes, it just takes a psycho.