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The Great Open Source Debate (Dave R vs. Sarah Lacy on Yahoo Tech Ticker)

The world needs a lot more video of me. As such I declare this to be the day of DaveTv.

I was lucky enough to hang out with Sarah Lacy and shoot a segment on Yahoo Tech Ticker and discuss how big the market for open source is, and how big it can get. We talk about MySQL, Zimbra, JBoss, Oracle and others.

In the interview process she hits me with some good questions about open source but fails to mention that I killed it on "Spanish Castle Magic" on Guitar Hero minutes before. She went with the predictable "Higher Ground" but managed to rock out really hard.

Can you build a billion-dollar business by selling software on the cheap, or even giving it away for free? That's the central question haunting the Valley as open source startups struggle to go from big installed bases of customers to big businesses.

It's clear that I need to have my own Tv show or at least Sarah should have me back every few weeks to talk about technology. I am the tech world's Uncle Floyd.