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The good, bad and naughty for PSP

You went out and splurged on that 1GB Memory Stick for your PlayStation Portable, and now you need stuff to fill it up.

Several more content providers have addressed the PSP crowd with downloadable video clips and still images formatted for the sleek handheld gadget.

Do-it-yourself movie powerhouse AtomFilms has a new PSP section with several well-made shorts tailored for the device.

PSP Magazines has articles and pictorials from magazines such as Road & Track and Wired, formatted for viewing through the PSP's image browser.

And, if portable Playboy is too tame for you, a new site called Lust2Go promises full-tilt porn for the PSP. The site is 18 and older, credit card required, and, in accordance with CNET linking policies that have saved us from all kinds of trouble, you're going to have to find it yourself.