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The Geek in Review: 12/12 - 12/16

The Geek in Review: 12/12 - 12/16

  • "Top products of the year" lists are probably the leading cause of gadget bloat. Sorry, but we have a dandy top 100 products of 2005 list right here. Get out your billfold and get bloated, yo.

  • Gadget bloat is probably the biggest cause of oversize-pants sales, due to the amount of pocket space one needs to carry around an MP3 player, a phone, a thumbdrive, a camera, and a portable fax machine. Time to consolidate at least two of those doodads. Kent German's determined to help knock down your pantaloons size a couple of notches, as he's been busy picking out the best MP3-playing cell phones. There are also plenty of great camera phones on the market. All this gadget consolidation will shrink your pants down so fast that you'll be wearing a Speedo in no time.

  • Seeing a family member wearing a Speedo is probably the leading cause of buying an HDTV. That way, one can look at pretty moving images instead of the offending Speedo-sporter. The good thing about HDTVs is that they're getting cheaper. They're also getting bigger. And we'll even help reduce the confusion in setting the thing up. Whichever option you choose, here is the key: place the set in front of the Speedo-wearing family member for best results.

  • Buying a whopping HDTV is probably the leading cause of blooming energy bills. But have no fear: we'll help you pick the most energy-efficient HDTV. That way, you won't have to resort to watching stuff on a 3G cell phone with streaming video or buying a cheap laptop and a Slingbox and exiling yourself to the nearest Wi-Fi hot spot to save money while watching TV.

  • Public Wi-Fi hot spots are probably the biggest cause of unnecessary coffee purchases, and unnecessary coffee leads to gratuitous biscotti, and before you know it, you're buying some weird, overpriced compilation CD they're selling at the register. If you're sick of this trickle-down effect when you're using Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop, pick up a cellular modem card for your laptop. Better yet, you can buy a laptop with built-in cellular connectivity. That means you'll get wireless Web access anywhere you can use a cell phone. Michelle Thatcher rounds up the best cellular connectivity gear right here.

  • Meandering blog entries such as this one are probably the leading cause of well-organized "Top products of the year" lists. And that brings us back to the first bullet point.