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GE's giant stovetop smart display goes on sale

GE's smart display and ventilation combo is now available for purchase.

GE Appliances

We saw the latest version of the GE Kitchen Hub at CES this year, and now you can buy it. 

The over-the-range hood has a built-in 27-inch smart touchscreen and fits in the space above your range. It's designed to be the connected center of your kitchen. The official MSRP is $1,199, but some stores, including Home Depot, are selling it for less, namely $1,079. 

The hub is powered by the GE Appliances U+ Connect platform (formerly the Haier U+ Smart Life Platform). It includes recipes and guided cooking from SideChef, support for streaming music and movies via Netflix and Spotify, video chatting, social networking, and smart home controls.

The Kitchen Hub also includes Google Assistant smarts. From the screen above your stovetop you can check your calendar, get guided recipe help and control other connected appliances.

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The GE Kitchen Hub connects with other connected GE appliances from the Café, Monogram and Profile lines, as well as a range of Haier appliances.