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The games confirmed for Xbox One

Luckily, the Xbox One still plays games so here are the titles we know are coming for the new console.

We may not know when it's coming or what we'll pay, but we do have a few confirmed titles for the Xbox One.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is one title confirmed for Xbox One. (Credit: Activision)

Xbox One exclusive titles

Forza 5: The next in the Forza series has been confirmed as a launch title for Xbox One — no surprises there.

Quantum Break: From Remedy — who made Max Payne and Alan Wake — the video for this during the Xbox One event was rather confusing, suggesting a mix of live action (with Lauren Stamile from Burn Notice) and traditional gameplay. We got the following description from the release. Make of it what you will.

In Quantum Break, our desperate hero fights a highly personal battle to save the future before time literally runs out. As time breaks down, impossible, split second moments of destruction turn into epic stages of time powered action. The actions you take, and the choices you make, shape your experience as the narrative unfolds. As you play, a personalized ‘director’s cut’ of the show is created just for you, based on the decisions you make during the game.

Titles confirmed at the launch

FIFA 14; Madden NFL 25; NBA Live 15; and EA Sports UFC: EA are a strong partner with the Xbox One, showing off the new EA Ignite game engine.

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Activision has promised that DLC for the dog-loving CoD game will be available on the Xbox One before any other consoles.

A new Halo Game: Well, maybe... 343 Industries will be producing new "exclusive interactive Xbox One content" for the live action Halo TV series. That sounds like a game, but might not be. And it's probably not Halo 5.

Other titles

Watch Dogs: Ubisoft had confirmed its action-hacker would be on the next generation Xbox even before it had a name.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag: Ubisoft will also bring pirate adventures to the One along with "other top titles".

Battlefield 4: EA confirmed this for both Xbox One and PS4 soon after today's announcements.

Thief: Out of the Shadows: News of Eidos' long awaited sequel coming for the next gen Xbox leaked back in April.

Destiny: Bungie's "shared world shooter" was a shoe in given it's relationship with Microsoft.

There's plenty more rumoured games, and even a few where the projected launch date just makes it almost impossible that it won't be on Xbox One, but at the time of writing this was the most complete list of confirmed games for new console.