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Galaxy Note 9 is coming Aug. 9, report says

Were you expecting July?


The Galaxy Note 8.

Josh Miller/CNET

What do we know about Samsung's Galaxy Note 9? If we were to guess based on previous years, Samsung's upcoming stylus-centric flagship would launch in August and come with an improved camera and a faster processor.

That's what Bloomberg is now reporting, quoting unnamed sources, but it gets rather specific about one point: The Galaxy Note 9 will be launched on Aug. 9 in New York. 

Previously, we'd heard the Note 9 might actually arrive in July, since production was reportedly ahead of schedule, but a recent report by Korean publication The Bell suggested the phone would be delayed a couple weeks to reduce the thickness of the glass on top of its display. 

Bloomberg says Samsung plans to put the phone on sale by the end of August, but that those plans might change.

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Other rumors we've heard about the Note 9 include: It may look the same as the Note 8, it may not include a fingerprint reader inside the screen, and it may come with a better version of Samsung's Bixby voice assistant.

Samsung declined to comment.