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The gadget that really powers CES

Smartphones are the gadgets that everyone at CES relies on. Amy Tiemann names the two accessories at CES that would have helped her manage her mobile phone on the go.

As I get ready to leave CES and Las Vegas, I wanted to give a shout-out to the device that truly powers the convention: the smartphone. Doesn't really matter whether it's Treo or Blackberry, everyone was calling, texting and emailing all day long. At such a techie summit you could talk in any public space with impunity. I would have been lost from my CNET compatriots without it. [Side note, my iPhone had "no service" within the convention center but my Blackberry was fine, both on AT&T.]

So at the end of they day, as they take down the huge plasma TVs, and turn off the flashing lights, I keep thinking that sometimes its the basics that get you through the day:

(photo credit: Amy Tiemann)

The Case LogicPocket with an attached carabiner. It's like a little sleeping bag that fits most phones or small devices. This would have helped me find my Blackberry or iPhone without rooting around my bag the whole time.

And second, the Turbocharge Tc2 portable cell phone charger, so that you're never caught short without a charge. One AA battery and you're good to go. At CES they announced new models including one for iPhone and another with a built-in rechargeable battery.