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The future of self-driving cars is here ... in Phoenix (The 3:59, Ep. 216)

Waymo is opening up its pilot in Arizona. Plus, flying cars and Spotify hardware.

Waymo, the self-driving car developer, is taking a big step forward in bringing autonomous vehicles to the mainstream.

The company, which is owned by Google's parent Alphabet, is opening up its pilot program for self-driving cars in the Phoenix area, letting hundreds more people test out the vehicles. Will it lead to a self-driving revolution?

Also on the podcast, we talk about another futuristic transportation idea from the folks at Google: flying cars. Rounding out the show, we try to figure out what sort of hardware Spotify might be planning.

The 3:59 gives you bite-size news and analysis about the top stories of the day, brought to you by the CNET News team in New York and producer Bryan VanGelder.

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The future of self-driving cars is Phoenix (The 3:59, Ep. 216)


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