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The future of multi-player casino gaming

Multi-player systems are in the works.


Thanks to cues from the game industry, certain areas of today's casinos can sometimes resemble arcades. But most of the digital advances to slot machines and the like so far have been limited to the individual units, not elaborate networks.

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, given the boom in multi-player popularity for online games involving wagers or otherwise. So casino gaming developer IGT wants to cross that bridge with its M-P Series of multi-player table games, which would link 12 machines for communal competitive play, according to BornRich.

We're not sure how popular this would be on the casino floor, given that a lot of people would probably just as soon play cards the old analog way face to face, especially when trying to read each other's hands in Texas Hold 'Em. But the development of IGT's idea could lead to awesome multi-player systems for team console games, providing that you have the space--and the money--to get one of your own.