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The future commuter: 50 years on

Disneyland TV's 1958 vision of the future of transportation

We've recently heard much about the future of the automobile, from how vehicles will soon resemble Cuisinarts to how we might find ourselves getting around in hydrogen fuel cell-powered flying cars.

Amid all this blue-sky thinking, it's instructive to look back at what the last generation of automotive futurists thought we'd be doing by now. This clip from a 1958 Disneyland TV video entitled "Magic Highway U.S.A." gives us a quaintly Jetsonian perspective of what future commuting would be like. While the preprogrammed route and "scanning map" have been realized, we are, alas, still some way off from in-car teleconferencing, in-garage car washes, and segmenting carriages.

Via 2719 Hyperion