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The FragBox, DIY edition

Make your own desktop PC with this cool chassis

DIY FragBox

If you jump on over to this morning, you'll find a new desktop PC chassis for sale. The Falcon Northwest FragBox case runs nearly $300 ($289.99, to be exact), but for that price, you get a small form-factor case with the spec standards of premiere, high-end PCs. Falcon has sold its Northwest FragBox directly from its Web site. According to the press release issued this morning, however, the act of unleashing the item on NewEgg was less at-odds with Falcon's own custom-PC business.

The case doesn't come with a power supply, and you have to bring your own motherboard, too. We've seen the FragBox running with a pair of 3D cards in it, however, making it quite friendly to PC builders wanting to make a small-but-deadly semiportable gaming system.

It has room for four expansion cards, so it is a little bigger than a typical, small form-factor PC, but we have a feeling most gamers won't mind the added capacity.

(Photo: CNET Networks)