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Food Surgeon performs Cadbury Creme-ectomy on Peeps

The Internet's most popular surgical chef takes two of Easter's most beloved treats and combines them into a Frankenstein's monster of sugary sweetness.

Easter is here and that means Marshmallow Peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs.

If you're a fan of both, you probably spend a lot of time moving your hand to your mouth to enjoy these treats and, boy, can that get tiring. Isn't it about time someone combined Peeps with Creme Eggs to create one easy-to-eat treat?

The Food Surgeon has done just that. The Victor Frankenstein of edibles posted footage of a special operation he performed Thursday. His YouTube video shows his skilled hands forging Cadbury Creme Peeps.

The good doctor calls his operation a "Peep Laparotomy," using the medical term for an abdominal surgical procedure. He cuts open the Peep's belly, scoops out the marshmallow filling and fills the cavity with a generous helping of creme. I hope the Surgeon had the good sense to anesthetize the Peeps before he began.