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The Food Network's got an iPhone app

BAM! Get your favorite Food Network recipes on the go. Handy at the grocery store or when you're cooking. Just don't drop the phone in whatever you'd cooking.

Lately I've been pretty enamored by the ajaxy bartending guide I spotted last week on Apple's iPhone apps directory, but for some serious foodie goodness the Food Network has taken it upon themselves to optimize part of their site for iPhone users.

This is pretty great for two reasons. The first being when you're out shopping and need some recipe ideas. This new app is chock full of some pretty decent ones from many of the Food Networks chefs including Alton Brown, Emeril, Bobby Flay, and the butter queen Paula Deen. The other bonus is when you're in the kitchen, and need to check a recipe. Instead of printing you can just set down your phone down and check it from time to time (iPod Touch users can finally make use of their plastic stands as well).

The app is split up into a few sections: recipes, videos, and a search tool. The videos section is pretty limited and just includes quick previews for various Food Network programming. Ideally I'd like to see them move towards combining recipes with clips from the shows they originally aired on, similar to what Martha Stewart has done with her site. Give it a spin below.

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