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The flat-screen TV sandwich

Design seems to be taking hold

Now that plasma TVs have reached the point of no return, we've been wondering what furniture makers would do to replace the cumbersome faux armoire that had become a fixture in so many living rooms in a somewhat vain attempt to conceal the tube. It's probably too early for a definitive standard to take hold, but we're starting to see a sandwich-board design gaining popularity for TV stands.

The latest company to take this approach is Alivar, an Italian (of course) designer of contemporary furnishings that has come out with a sandwich stand made of aluminum in a white finish with storage between the two slabs for DVDs, much like other models. Alivar has also built in a convenient shelf for various boxes, which unfortunately are still necessary for most sets.

None of this helps hide the screen itself, which the armoire was intended to do. But given people's taste in furniture these days, a flat TV may be the most attractive item on display in many homes.