The flashlight as flamethrower

Wicked Lasers develops 4,100-lumen beam that can fry eggs and start fires.

Tech Culture
Wicked Lasers

The Taser may soon have some competition as the personal safety device of choice, from an unlikely source: the flashlight.

We've already seen models capable of blinding an assailant, shooting 800,000 volts, and even resembling a Gatling machine gun. Now Wicked Lasers--the outfit that brought Blu-ray to the laser pointer--has outdone itself with the "Torch."

Though not the first to make fire-starter claims, this one is billed as "the world's brightest and most powerful flashlight," with the ability to "burn plastic, light paper, or even fry an egg or toast a marshmallow," Gadgetell says. The $300 Torch's 4,100-lumen beam is twice as powerful as a competitor dubbed "The Beast" that goes for $7,000.

And even if you decide later that maybe you didn't really need a personal flamethrower after all, you can still use it to make breakfast.

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