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The fight for the cable box and the fear of flying with Note 7

The FCC is set to vote on whether pay TV can be delivered via apps as a way for consumers to avoid paying set-top box rental fees. Meanwhile, the FAA and some airlines are warning travelers to not use the Galaxy Note 7 over fears of it catching fire.

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Renting a set-top box from your TV service provider may soon be a thing of the past. The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is proposing that pay-TV providers should be required to create apps on every major streaming device. That means you could use a Roku or Xbox to get all your television services -- including the ability to search for and record shows. The new rule is set for a vote later this month.

Meanwhile, you may run into trouble if you bring a Galaxy Note 7 on an airplane. The Federal Aviation Administration and several airlines are urging travelers to not use or charge Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 on flights, over reports of faulty batteries causing a fire hazard. Chances are that most flight attendants won't be savvy enough to know what a Note 7 looks like compared to the previous model, so there's no stopping passengers from using the recalled phones. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, don't be surprised if you start getting odd looks at the airport.

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The fight for the cable box and the fear of flying with Note 7