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The farce that is OOXML standards-making

Open Office XML (OOXML) is taking the standards-setting process to new lows....

You simply must go read Matthew Aslett's passionate, forlorn description of the farce that is the OOXML standardization process. Petty, shallow, and mean.

Unfortunately, I think the ugliness probably goes both ways, as the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday. It's no wonder, then, that some (like Sweden) are throwing up their hands in disgust.

To quote Matthew:

The approvals process has been one of the most petty, underhand, deceitful, and childish events I have had the misfortune to witness during ten years in the technology industry. Whatever the outcome there is little to be proud of....

Microsoft's Jason Matusow recently wrote "at the heart of this remains the idea that making document formats more open is a good thing". On the contrary, I would argue that the issue of making document formats more open was forgotten long ago.

Sad, but true.