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The Fake Steve Jobs is...

Pressure is building for the author behind the satirical Fake Steve Jobs blog to emerge from hiding, as fans search for his or her identity.

...really, really funny.

A high-profile search for the identity of the blogger behind The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is under way, with Valleywag and Business Week leading the charge. The site is full of satirical posts from Steve's point of view--or, at least, one who would be Steve--on just about anything. Fake Steve, a "benevolent dictator" according to his Blogger profile, plays "Dear Diary" with such topics as the iPhone development process, U2 lead singer "Bono's driving skills", or deeper thoughts like "Jesus didn't go to college either" (Jobs actually did attend Reed College, but didn't graduate.)

Steve Jobs
As the tagline says, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

Silicon Valley types and Apple fans around the world have been laughing at Fake Steve for some time, but now pressure is mounting to figure out who is responsible for such hilarious parody of Jobs, Apple, and the technology industry in general. Valleywag thought it had its man when it called out Leander Kahney, Wired News managing editor and author of the Cult of Mac blog. But Kahney denied he was Fake Steve, setting off a fresh round of speculation.

Wired is involved somehow, as apparently Editor in Chief Evan Hansen is aware of the superhero's secret identity and the two sites have sponsorship deals, according to Business Week. But he's not talking. Fake Steve fans expect an announcement soon, as apparently the author or authors have secured a book deal.