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The Everingham Rotating House

The Everingham Rotating House

Tired of waking up with the sun in your eyes? Don't bother with a tapparelle, just turn your house.

The Everingham Rotating House in Australia can be rotated at its owners' whim by the touch of a screen. The rotating ability, along with its many glass doors, allow the owners to take advantage of seasonal views and sunlight, according to Luke and Deb Everingham. The couple share details about the home on their Web site.

Rotating house

Instead of having hallways, the home is more or less a series of wide pie-shaped rooms. All the inner workings of the house, such as plumbing and electricity, are in the center, with the rest of the house rotating around that core.

The Everinghams have the option of enjoying a slow, continuous rotation or, to simply get the job done, can rotate the house a full 360 degrees in about 30 minutes at top speed.

As Gizmag pointed out, the octagonal-shaped home has garnered so much attention in Australia, that Luke Everingham is now looking into selling his design or building the home for others.

(Photo: The Everingham Rotating House)