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The enduring force of 'Star Wars'

The 30th anniversary of the original film's theatrical release unleashes a gush of adoration and geekiness. Images: What 'Star Wars' tech is real? Photos: The many faces of Darth Vader

The 30th anniversary of the original film's theatrical release unleashes a gush of adoration and geekiness.

Three decades after the original film was released, the George Lucas creation is still influencing the tech community and pop culture.
May 25, 2007

crave blog There are enough silly names in the Star Wars universe to inspire an equally silly game, so CNET's Tim Moynihan has done just that.
May 29, 2007

From Spaceballs and a "Weird Al" parody to a Darth Vader hot air balloon and jogging Stormtroopers, Star Wars is a force to be reckoned with.
May 25, 2007

Thirty years after the original movie opened in theaters, we take a look at what technology became reality and what remains science fiction.
May 25, 2007

Artists displaying at L.A. fan gathering deck the dark lord in helmets ranging from whimsical to political.
May 25, 2007

reporter's notebook At the Star Wars fan fest in Los Angeles, it's a never-ending cacophony of fun and memories.
May 24, 2007

Remote-controlled R2-D2s and other droids roll and beep their way through the halls of the Celebration IV Star Wars fan fest.
May 24, 2007

All costumed up and ready for Jedi training, devotees converge on a geek gathering timed to mark the 30th anniversary of the original film's theatrical release.
May 24, 2007

As part of the 30th anniversary for the classic sci-fi movie, Lucasfilm has licensed movie clips for fans to use and remix.
May 24, 2007

video Fans of all ages came together in Los Angeles this week to share their passion for the movies they say changed their lives.'s Veronica Belmont was on hand at Celebration IV to talk with the fans and see how the culture has been passed on.
May 25, 2007

blog As I arrive at the opening of Celebration IV, the biggest Star Wars fan fest ever, I see endless numbers of people decked out in the attire of both the Empire and the Rebellion.
May 24, 2007

podcast CNET's Daniel Terdiman discusses this movie epic's lasting appeal through the decades.
May 23, 2007

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