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'The Emoji Movie' tops $25 million over US opening weekend

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In what could be a shock to many, "The Emoji Movie" is -- brace yourself -- not very good. But that didn't stop droves of people from seeing it. As Variety reports, the film made $25.7 million domestically on its opening weekend.

It was the No. 2 movie in the US for the weekend, behind "Dunkirk," which in its second weekend brought in $28.1 million. The $25.7 million "The Emoji Movie" brought in was roughly half of its $50 million budget.

"The Emoji Movie," based on the emoticons you use to message friends, was roundly and soundly rejected by critics on its release last week. It currently has a Metacritic score of 10 (out of 100) and an 8 percent "Rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes

It's behind "The Angry Birds Movie" -- the other animated film borne out of this forsaken generation -- which had a domestic opening weekend of $38.1 million, and fared a little better with critics.