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The electric pick: More guitar mutilation

Soon there will be nothing left.


Decisions, decisions. As the rivalry between Guitar Hero III and Rock Band continues to heat up, would-be Springsteens everywhere are probably losing sleep over whether to go with a fake Gibson or Fender. But those guitars ordinaire just aren't special enough for some people.

True individualists might, for example, want something like the "Rock Tamashii," which is apparently the latest in a growing trend of guitar parts that are taking the place of full instruments. Technabob accurately describes it as an "oversize guitar pick with a built-in speaker" that plays as you, er, strum it to such classics as "Satisfaction."

Which raises the question: If one were to use one of these and an "Air Guitar Pro" neck at the same time, would the result be spontaneous combustion? Or perhaps a door to a parallel universe? In our opinion, either version--or none at all--still wouldn't be as disturbing as the air guitar T-shirt.