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DxO One snap-on iPhone camera gains remote control and essential accessories

DxO flips the Wi-Fi switch on its iPhone-attachable camera and introduces add-on lens support and underwater housing.

Sarah Tew/CNET

DxO's Lightning-connected iPhone camera has been getting new features via software on a regular basis since it was first released almost exactly a year ago. And while it would might have been nice to get some new hardware, the updates and additions to the DxO One do make it more relevant than ever. These include the ability to remotely control the camera when it's not plugged into the phone, a weather-resistance and underwater housing, and adapters to let you use add-on lenses.

The camera has always had Wi-Fi built in, you just couldn't use it. Instead, to use it without attaching it to an iPhone or iPad , you were essentially shooting blind, at best framing the photo via the tiny, low-resolution display on the back. Now, via a firmware update, DxO has flipped the switch on the Wi-Fi antenna and added software support so that you can use your iPhone to remotely operate and shoot with the One, just like with any other camera. One convenient setup option is plugging it into the Lightning connector and letting it autoconfigure the connection. The company claims the direct-connect latency is about 10 milliseconds.

The version 2.0 software update also incorporates the Smart Lighting feature from DxO's desktop software to fix exposures without blowing out the bright areas. And there's a new focus mode, AF-OD (autofocus on demand) which the company claims improves battery life by about 20 percent and fixes the accuracy of the battery readout. The firmware and software updates will become available in late September, as will models for sale with the firmware already installed.

You can also buy some new goodies to outfit the camera. A housing, the $60 Outdoor Shell, turns the DxO One into a funky-looking little gadget and allows for use with GoPro-compatible mounts. (I don't have other prices yet, but it's equivalent to about £45 and AU$80.) The Shell comes in seven colors with two interchangeable covers, one for weather resistance (at IP67) and the other for underwater use down to 150 feet (45 meters). It cleverly uses magnets to control the camera's power, and retains the two-stage shutter, while one of the covers makes it possible to use the back touchscreen.

And because fixed focal lengths get boring after a while, DxO's also now offering a three pack of adapters, which can take any 30.5mm threaded lens or filter. It snaps into ridge in the front bezel which you probably didn't even know the One had. The pack will run $25 (approximately £20 and AU$35). And a new $25 stand means you don't have to lay the camera on its side, plus it adds a tripod mount.