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The Dream'eo Enza Portable Media Center

The Dream'eo Enza Portable Media Center

After a long, long wait, there's finally a new Portable Media Center in town. Meet the Enza from Dream'eo. It looks pretty sharp and has same specs as other PMCs: 400MHz XScale processor, a 3.5-inch, 320x240-pixel screen, and a built-in mono speaker. It also runs the same easy-to-use operating system as the Creative Zen PMC, the Samsung YH-999, and the iRiver PMC120.

We'll get it in and see if it's just another PMC or if it can separate itself from the pack. Though it has a removable battery, so far, I'll pass on the paltry three hours of video and six hours of WMA playback. Kind of reminds me of the first Creative Nomad Jukebox with its five-hour battery life. Ugh.