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The Doctor turns to Santa in 'Doctor Who' Christmas special

The BBC has just released a trailer for the upcoming "Doctor Who" Christmas special, which brings our favorite timey-wimey Time Lord to the North Pole.

When there are creepy aliens and you're trapped in the North Pole, who you gonna call? Santa Claus!

The BBC has just released its latest official TV trailer for the "Doctor Who" Christmas special, and it shows The Doctor, Clara and Santa Claus getting ready for action.

The Doctor and company will be battling a creepy, ferocious-looking alien thing at the North Pole, and they've called on trusty old Santa for help. The trailer also shows Clara erasing a chalkboard to reveal the words "you are dying," so we expect to see some amount of drama play out throughout the episode (though surely The Doctor will save her and everyone else, like he usually does).

And, for fun, Santa Claus is played by a guy named Nick Frost because this is seriously the part a guy named Nick Frost was born to play. Will Nick Frost help The Doctor and Clara save us from yet another Christmas-y doom? Tune in to the BBC on Christmas Day in the US and UK (or Boxing Day in Australia) to find out.