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The Division weekly maintenance switches to Thursdays

Moving the maintenance day won't affect the weekly rewards and assignment. Those will still refresh on Tuesdays.

Ubisoft is changing up the timing for when it conducts server maintenance for The Division. The company announced today that its regular, weekly maintenance will now take place on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. As such, there will be no maintenance tomorrow, April 26.

Ubisoft also explained that maintenance on Thursdays will be held at the same time it was on Tuesdays, meaning early morning PST. Exact timing for this week's maintenance has not yet been announced.

Additionally, maintenance moving to Thursdays won't affect The Division's weekly rewards and assignment. Those will still reset on Tuesdays.


The Division has faced a number of bugs lately, pertaining to the game's new raid-like Incursion Falcon Lost and more. The problems have even caught the attention of Fox News.

Falcon Lost was found to contain a flaw that allowed players to acquire high-level items at a rate much faster than intended. Ubisoft has since deployed a fix for the Falcon Lost exploit.

A damage glitch, meanwhile, let players dramatically increase the power of weapons by equipping the Competent talent. The talent is supposed to increase weapon damage by only 13 percent for 10 seconds after using a skill, but by switching between two weapons rapidly for about 5-10 minutes damage would skyrocket. This was also addressed in a recent update.

The Division's next free update, Conflicts, is coming in May. Paid expansions will follow later.