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The disappeared tweets of Michael Dell's daughter

Alexa Dell, daughter of Michael, had apparently tweeted the movements of herself and her family. This seems to run counter to her father spending $2.7 million on security.

You will not discover the whereabouts of any Dell family members in this image. Dell/YouTube Screenshot/Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's not easy being a wealthy parent, especially if your kids want to do the same things as the kids of other wealthy parents do.

You know, like, um, constantly feeding your Twitter account.

Wayne Gretzky seems to have been one modern patrician who became frustrated with his daughter's Twitter postings, reportedly shutting down his daughter's Twitter feed twice. She does like a racy shot or two, does Paulina Gretzky.

Now I hear there might have been another marginal breach in Twitterdom in the bosom of Michael Dell.

As Bloomberg Businessweek reports it, Dell's 18-year-old daughter Alexa became fond of posting to Twitter.

She has, by all (Twitter) accounts, a happy and engaging life.

The one slight drawback with posting your own whereabouts and those of your family to the worldwide public is that not everyone in that public has good intentions.

This is one reason that Dell spends a reported $2.7 million on security. Kidnappings of the families of the rich happen. We don't always hear about them.

It seems, then, that Alexa Dell's Twitter account has unaccountably disappeared. Even a photo from Fiji posted by her to the legendary Rich Kids of Instagram has also dis-Instagrammed.

While Dell hasn't so far commented on the apparent disappearances, it is likely that these postings were nothing more than the exuberance of fortunate youth. When you're 18, you want to enjoy your life. When you're 18 and living in this socially networked world, you want to tell everyone about it.

However, one does wonder whether, if $2.7 million was truly spent on the Dell family's security, there mightn't have been a briefing about controlling one's social networking impulses.

In the interests of being helpful, I have tried to scour the Web to see whether Alexa Dell has any other current social networking presence. I failed to locate anything on Facebook. However, this Google+ account may well belong to her.

Not unusually, she hasn't posted anything to Google+ since December 2011. Indeed, she has barely posted anything there at all. I have contacted Dell to see whether the company can confirm anything about Alexa Dell's Twitter account or about this Google+ account.

There is one long posting, however, to this Google+ account from someone who appears to be a stranger. It is a long plea for, well, money. It ends: "Is there a way that I could talk to your father to see if he will help us?"