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Smart Home

The Digital Home Podcast is coming!

Don Reisinger has an announcement to make and this time it has nothing to do with text: The Digital Home Podcast is coming to an iPod or PMP near you!

Although it has been in the works for well over a month now, I wanted to be the first to let you know that The Digital Home Podcast is on its way to bring you more of my commentary on those topics that I haven't covered during the week here on The Digital Home.

As with all other CNET podcasts, you can subscribe to it here once we're up and running and If I'm not mistaken, you can subscribe to it right on The Digital Home page when the show starts.

So what will this show be about? Well, if you read my work, you probably know that I don't take garbage and I'm unwilling to toe the company line just to be friends with people. More than anything else, if I believe something, you can bet you'll hear about it. So, if you like what you read here on The Digital Home, you'll love what you hear on the podcast.

And it's that same style, which has not only made The Digital Home an unbridled success, but will be brought to you each week on The Digital Home Podcast.

So what's the format? Well, most weeks it will be me and one other guest talking about tech followed by an interview with tech luminaries, industry analysts or industry experts. Following that, I want to read and discuss your emails, which you can actually start sending now to I'm also hoping to get a voicemail set up for you to send audio thoughts to, but that will have to be put on hold for a little while.

So there you have it -- The Digital Home Podcast is on its way (hopefully within the next few weeks) and will deliver the kind of hard-nosed tech talk you've come to expect from The Digital Home.

If you have any thoughts on who you would like to see on the show (either a guest co-host or interviewee) please send some ideas my way to the email address above.

The future looks bright for The Digital Home and I'm glad you're willing to stay with me.