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The diamond-covered Mercedes

Well, they're not real--but they're still spectacular

Saks Fifth Avenue should be ashamed of itself. As one of the premier purveyors of all things narcissistic, it probably thought it was impressing the world with its $160,000 Saks Special Edition Mercedes. To which we now say, meh.


That's because we've since witnessed this specimen of true excess, a Mercedes SL600 encrusted with diamonds from grille to tailpipe that Luxurylaunches saw at an overseas auto show. (Well, they're not real diamonds. That would be over the top, unlike this understated look.)

Real or not, you've got to admit they got your attention. We'd love to know what this would sell for, but something tells us it's not included in the usual showroom inventory. Besides, you know what they say: If you have to ask, etc.