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The desk lamp of the moment: Koncept

Company launches further designs of the LED-based desk and floor lamps.

Koncept's LED Lamp Kevin Ho

The Koncept folks, who've already won design-of-the-year accolades, launched further designs of the LED-based desk and floor lamps at 8 to 9 watts. Banks and rows of LEDs provide light instead of compact fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen bulbs.

I'm not sure how they look away from the convention hall, but the fact that you can grab onto them without burning yourself, and the fact that they were right near the entrance got my attention.

Not burning yourself may be a key thing if you've happened to fall asleep at your desk and wake up, for example. It's pretty ecofriendly, and should reduce clutter on your desk. Designed in Maryland and made in China, Koncept told me that while they sold out of their lamps online the first day they launched, they assured me more were coming and would be available in a couple of weeks.

Assessment: Form factor is cool. Price is OK ($100-$200). Cool factor is high. Whether the light produced is nice...well, I am a light snob and I will withhold judgment on that.