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The dentist chair as a workstation

We wouldn't want to get near this contraption, much less work in it

Personal Computing Environment Station PCE
Dentist chair

If you were to combine a dentist chair and a workstation, while throwing in a crane perched precariously above one's head for good measure, you'd probably have something that looked pretty close to the "Personal Computing Environment Station" from PCE. As GeekSugar says, the manufacturer claims that it is designed to "enhance your gaming experience and improve your productivity." (Aren't those mutually exclusive goals?)

Regardless of its intended purpose, this Rube Goldberg-looking setup seems more like an updated version of a medieval torture device than a workstation. For one thing, how do you even get in and out of this contraption?

It does include an LCD screen, console connections and supposedly ergonomic seating. But frankly, it smacks of some corporate conspiracy to keep us chained to our desk--or, in this case, our apparatus. You know, like that Big Brother boss-man robot that follows you around the office.

Besides, if we were going to go this route, we'd just as soon have an "Alternative Computer Control System" or even an "Ergopod 500." At least then we could take things lying down.