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The death of Presto: Girt by CNET podcast 90

We also talk Google's Pixel phones (and the missing local features) and road test the new $5 note.


Those of you who had your money on Quickflix, pay up. We've seen the first casualty in the local streaming market, and it was the Foxtel- and Seven West Media-owned Presto.

The Girt team takes a look at just what went wrong for Presto and what Foxtel plans to do now that it has full ownership of the service. The short version: An IPTV service with a confusing pricing structure.

Google also announced the first two phones in its new Pixel range, and while Aussies might be missing out on some of the swankier new features, they're solid hardware. The problem is that moving away from the Nexus brand has left a big hole in the middle of the market.

Finally, we feed vending machines all over Sydney with fancy plastic. It doesn't go well.

Girt by CNET podcast 90

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