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The days that I'm grateful for proprietary software

Adobe, at least, is doing well. Let's hope that it and other software companies continue to do well in a recession-plagued market.

Looking at Adobe's excellent quarterly earnings, I have to admit that there are days when I'm grateful for proprietary software. Or, rather, days when I'm grateful for any software company that does well. While a recession may be good for open source, I'm not really going to exult over a market that contracts. I'd rather open source grow with a growing market, rather than grow into a contracting market.

Of course, Adobe's numbers may be anomalous. It has a different buyer/user profile than, say, SAP.

While I'll enjoy seeing Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, etc. lose out to open-source vendors, during this tricky spell I'll be glad to see any vendors do well. I'd rather put the proprietary vendors out of business in a market when their employees will be able to find jobs with open-source vendors. I have a heart, after all.