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New 'The Dark Tower' trailer shows some fancy bullet tricks

The Gunslinger unleashes his supernatural aiming ability in a new international trailer for Stephen King's "The Dark Tower."

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Bullets will fly. The movie adaptation of Stephen King's epic apocalyptic-fantasy-Western series "The Dark Tower" is inching closer to theater screens. Sony Pictures released a new international trailer Monday with an emphasis on action and destruction. 

The first trailer dropped a lot more plot elements focused around the boy Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) and his visions of another world where a tall, dark tower is the key to saving Earth. 

The new trailer emphasizes Idris Elba's role as The Gunslinger, a sharp-shooting supernatural figure bent on hunting down the mysterious and dangerous Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey).  

The highlight of the trailer is a harrowing scene where The Gunslinger aims a single bullet and takes an impossible shot to save Jake. In keeping with our previous glimpses of the movie, this trailer shows a dark, stylish take on the brooding King novels. 

"The Dark Tower" hits theaters worldwide in August.