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The dark side's newest recruits: Australian police

An Australian police officer has been sighted doing the dirty work of The Empire. Jedis beware.

Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom/CNET

The Australian police have sometimes been on the cutting edge of pop culture, being the first (of many) to issue public warnings about Pokemon Go.

But with one tweet, the New South Wales police force just launched itself out of the zeitgeist -- either that or it admitted to working for The Empire.

NSW Police on Thursday tweeted a picture of an officer "arresting" an intergalactic merchant as a gang of Stormtroopers, officers of the evil Empire in the Star Wars franchise, looked on approvingly. "Keeping NSW & the galaxy safe," its caption read.

Over 70,000 Australians in 2001 declared themselves devotees to the Jedi on the national Census form. There's been a distinct drop in those numbers since -- coincidence, or national conspiracy? You decide.