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The dangers of driving for Uber in South Africa (The 3:59, Ep. 259)

Today on the podcast, we discuss Uber hiring a security company in South Africa, plus Amazon's ban on Blu phones.

James Martin/CNET

Being an Uber driver in South Africa comes with its perils. 

Drivers have been beaten and attacked, some even killed, by taxi drivers furious at their loss of customers. In response, Uber quietly hired a private security company with armed guards to protect its drivers, we discovered during a trip to South Africa. 

On today's podcast, we chat with Dara Kerr, who traveled to the country to find out more. She'll discuss the tensions between Uber and taxi drivers, and why the guards are only a bandage on a larger problem.

Also, we talk about Amazon suspending sales of Blu phones, the super-cheap devices that were sending personal data to servers in China without notifying customers. 

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The dangers of driving for Uber (The 3:59, Ep. 259)

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