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The Daily delayed as Apple misses launch for first iPad newspaper

iPad newspaper The Daily will miss its planned launch. Is Apple ready for Rupert Murdoch's big-money gadget gazette?

The first iPad newspaper, The Daily, will miss its planned launch. Apple doesn't have the technology in place to deal with payments for Rupert Murdoch's big-money, push-based publication.

The Daily was planned to launch on 19 January, but All Things D reports it's been pushed back at least a matter of weeks.

Murdoch has invested a whopping £19m in the project, with a team of heavy hitters from The New York Post and Viacom heading 150 staff in New York and Los Angeles. Blimey -- your humble CNET UK needs a team of just eight, but we do have a legion of minions supplying doughnuts, keeping our Margaritas topped up, and making sure we're warm enough.

The Daily will be a weekly publication. You'll download the app, and new news will be pushed out in multimedia form to your iPad each day. You'll pay 99c (63p) per week by subscription -- which is the source of the delay. Apple doesn't yet have the technology in place to deal with rolling subscription payments.

The next version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 4.3, has been shown to developers and features a selection of new multi-touch gestures and new features, but doesn't contain the subscription workings. That could mean Apple is holding it back until the actual release. Once the subscription gubbins is in place, The Daily will be able to launch, presumably paving the way for similar publications.

iPad magazines are the latest must-have accessory for stylish, tech-savvy rags such as Wired UK and BBC Focus. Currently you pay for each issue of these publications through iTunes, as you would download a song or a new app. Unlike the current crop of digital mags, The Daily will only appear on the iPad, and won't have a dead-tree or even an online version.

Will you be signing up? Is it time to say goodbye to the Guardian and ta-ta to the Telegraph, or will The Daily be a disaster? Take your inky fingers down to the comments to share your thoughts.