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The craziest Rube Goldberg cell phone ad ever

An ad for the Touchwood cell phone, which features a wooden case, offers perhaps the most extraordinarily large xylophone ever seen. At least in an ad.

I am not sure I would ever want a cell phone with a wooden case.

But if anything could ever persuade me to consider it, it has to be this wildly inventive (and therefore Japanese) ad for the Touchwood SH-08C by NTT Docomo.

In order to show the sheer magic of wood, the ad's creators, a company called Drill Inc., decided to go to a wood. This is what we in advertising call "lateral thinking."

However, in between the trees they then built the largest, Rube Goldberg-est wooden xylophone ever.

Then they rolled a little wooden ball down it.

The xylophone is so meticulously constructed that, as the ball rolls down, it plays Bach's Cantata 147, known better by some as "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire."

If you don't, at the very least, find this curiously mesmerizing, then your doctor has not prescribed you what he said he prescribed you.

The creative director of Drill Inc. promised faithfully to The New York Times that no artificial musical additives were used in the making of this ad. However, he said, some levels were adjusted.

Naturally, I am slightly skeptical. Because I am slightly skeptical naturally. But the spot still somehow manages to lift the spirits rather more than, oh, I don't know, a Droid ad.