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The CraveCast searches for season finales and summer blockbusters worth watching (CraveCast Podcast, Ep. 25)

A "Star Trek" movie is coming, and there's that "Ghostbusters" reboot, but what else? Maybe the Hollywood version of CNET's crowdsourced sci-fi novel?

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- The CraveCast Podcast show notes and links:

Check out CRAVE's crowdsourced sci-fi novel, "Crowd Control: Heaven Makes a Killing"

Click into the Google Doc here

CraveCast: Creating whole new worlds on screen and in a Google Doc

'Crowd Control: Heaven Makes a Killing'

- Summer Movies and Television:

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After 'Marvel's Agent Carter' gets the ax from ABC, fans turn to Netflix to save it

The stars of HBO's 'Silicon Valley' talk...about themselves

New 'Star Trek Beyond' trailer shows the Enterprise attacked and its crew scattered

Chris Hemsworth brings zero office skills to 'Ghostbusters' role

Why I'm worried 'Suicide Squad' might be dead on arrival

Chewbacca Mask Mom carpools with J.J. Abrams

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