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The Crabble gingerly holds your iPod or iPhone

The Crabble holds your iPod, iPhone, or other electronic device with grippy feet and fits in your wallet or pocket.

The Crabble improves on last year's model with feet that grip your device and what it's on. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

The Crabble is the second generation of folding iPod and iPhone stands from London-based Seskimo. Compared with the BatRest, which was last year's model, the Crabble comes with rubbery grips that hold onto both your device and whatever surface you're resting it on, making it useful for flights or train rides where an occasional jolt would send the old one sliding. This also lets you do things like press buttons and navigate without having to use the other hand to steady the holder.

Despite the addition of the grips, the new model still fits in a wallet or purse. I tried it out with my wallet, and it takes up just about the same amount of space as the old one, except where the grips are, which is about double the width--making it a pain to sit on for too long.

The Crabble runs $5 and comes in black and translucent colors.