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The Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker stands out in a good way

The Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker features a slick Art Deco design and moving propellers. The drink accessory has a 24-ounce capacity.

'Shaken, not spun' is the James Bond catchphrase, right?
'Shaken, not spun' is the James Bond catchphrase, right? Hammacher Schlemmer

It's hard to resist one of the most famous lines in moviedom when coming across a cocktail shaker. The darn things are called shakers, for crying out loud. But it is not always obvious how to incorporate the request, nay, order, "shaken, not stirred" into a post. Luckily, somebody went out and invented The Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker ($99.95).

No, James Bond did not invent the drink shaker that looks like a desk toy, nor might he be too particularly keen on the propellers that spin. The man has enough gadgets, I'm sure. But for the modern-day executive (or really, anybody who has a flat surface in his or her house), this booze-making accessory shines in a way that would make even Q himself proud.

In action, the plane-shaped cocktail shaker pops open to reveal a 24-ounce capacity. It measures 11 inches by 5 inches and stands 9 inches tall. The fuselage disembarks from the winged stand and is capable of standing up by itself; the three stabilizing wings in the back act as feet.

All in all, the Art Deco inspired piece has a striking design -- which should quell the anti-shaken crowd when the shaken-or-stirred debate eventually crops up. Besides, you can always point to the propellers to meet them halfway. Although it may take a few martinis before they equate propellers that spin with a stirred martini.