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The countdown to Flash 10 for Android

Adobe is set to release a beta of Flash 10 during its annual Adobe MAX show.

Adobe MAX 2009 takes place October 4-7, 2009. Adobe

Flash remains one of the most requested features for Google Android phones since Adobe first demonstrated an Android version at last year's Adobe MAX show. Fortunately, users finally will have a chance to get their hands on Flash 10 next month when a beta version is released at Adobe MAX 2009

Adobe first revealed when we would get a look at Flash 10 during its second quarter earnings call. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said during a presentation that Google's Android, Nokia's Symbian, Windows Mobile, and the new Palm WebOS will be among the first devices to support Web browsing with the newest Flash player.

It's unclear if Flash will be offered as a separate download or will be integrated directly into the Android operating system, but I'm tending toward the latter. Flash needs to hook directly into the operating system at a low level to achieve the best performance. Android 2.0 is expected to launch later in October and might be the first version of Google's mobile operating system to fully support Flash 10.

When Flash 10 finally becomes available, it will open the door to more games on Android. Flash is the preferred coding language for today's Web games, which will allow Flash developers to easily convert their games for the mobile platform. Analysts are hoping future versions of Flash will support all the smartphone capabilities including multitouch, accelerometer input, and GPS.