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The Podcast beta

This time it's auditory: gets bitten by the audio bug with the launch in beta of our brand spanking new podcast. Hear our dulcet tones in all their breathy glory on an MP3 player near you...

Today we're launching a beta version of the Podcast, giving you chance to hear our team discussing the latest and greatest in personal technology and consumer electronics.

Join us as we report from Intel's launch of Viiv, gaze into our crystal ball and discuss the future of electronic books, debate the future of high-definition TV -- and let you know about some great tech gear we think is worth your hard-earned cash.

The Podcast is a work in progress, so we'd love to get your feedback. Anything you like? Anything so bad you want to write to our mothers and tell us to never, ever, ever do it again? Send your thoughts to, and we'll give you a shout out in our next broadcast in two week's time.

You can access the fancy RSS feed with pictures and chapters using your Podcast software.

For example, if you use iTunes, simply open up iTunes, then click on the top menu item 'Advanced'. Then click on 'Subscribe to Podcast'. You can then enter this link there and you'll be subscribed to the podcast.

If you want to grab it as a plain old MP3 file, right-click here and in Internet Explorer choose 'Save Target As'. -MP