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The Cheapskate's Greatest Hits:<br /> Coupons, MP3s, eyeglasses

Take a stroll down memory lane and revisit three of The Cheapskate's best deals: money-saving coupons, hundreds of free MP3s, and dirt-cheap prescription glasses.

One of the all-time great Cheapskate deals: 800+ free MP3s. Rick Broida

I've been at the helm of The Cheapskate for about 18 months now. I don't know how that works out in dog years, but I figure it's the musical equivalent of cutting six or seven albums. (Don't ask me where that math comes from. I was an English major, and I'm working toward a metaphor, dammit.)

Consequently, I decided it was time for a "Greatest Hits" post--a collection of some of my favorite money-saving tips. If you're new to the blog or just missed these the first time around, I hope you'll find them useful.

  • Before you click "buy," search for coupons: Do you wish you had a big, juicy coupon code for the checkout page? A quick bit of Google searching may produce one. Or hit up Web sites like DealLocker and RetailMeNot to browse their coupon collections.
  • Save a small fortune on prescription eyeglasses: Are you still paying hundreds of dollars on every pair of glasses? Order online and you can get out the door for less than $40, possibly even less. I probably wouldn't use Zenni Optical again, if only because of their slow shipping and poor communication. But there are plenty of other online eyeglass-makers to try.
  • Get 770 free MP3s from Amazon: Actually, the count is now 827, with more tunes being added on a weekly basis. You may not recognize many of the artists, but trust me, there's some good, good stuff in here.

Did I leave out any of your favorite "hits"? Needless to say, I'd love to hear what deals really made your day. In the meantime, thanks for 18 months of kind words and support. I'm looking forward to the next 18 months!