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The cell phone as a biological clock

Samsung's Queen Phone, which retails in Korea, calculations ovulation cycles, estimates calorie intake, and accesses women-oriented Web sites.

HONG KONG--For women who want a truly personalized cell phone, how about one that predicts your ovulation cycle?

Possibly a first in mobile bio-calculation, Samsung's CDMA SCH A360 handset, labeled the Queen Phone, is slim and lipstick-red.

Its other features include the ability to estimate calorie intake when dietary information is keyed into the phone. It also accesses women-targeted Web sites via an Internet browser.

The Queen Phone was on display this week at the ITU Asia Telecom 2000 in Hong Kong. The conference ends Saturday. This model already retails in the Korean market for under $300. Meanwhile, Samsung told that it plans to release the phone in "relevant" Asia-Pacific markets by early 2001.'s Priscilla Wong reported from Hong Kong.