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The Castro buzz: Wanna make a bet?

In keeping true to our focus on technology-related blogs, we've refrained from highlighting the online buzz about ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro's whereabouts and whether he's dead or alive. Much of the talk is fueled by the fact that neither he nor his brother, Raul Castro, has been seen publicly since the government announced on Monday that Raul Castro is temporarily in charge.


But now that online wagering operations are taking bets on the communist leader's fate, the issue has entered our turf, at least peripherally. A Reuters story published Fridaynotes is giving betters a chance to pick the month or the day of the week that Castro will die. And, taking a less morbid route, is giving bettors a chance to wager on whether Castro will make a public appearance by Aug. 13, his 80th birthday.

Whether it's right or wrong to bet on someone's life, we weren't alone in noticing the irony of such a capitalistic response to the potential end of Castro's reign.

Blog community response:

"The Cuban president's perceived impending death is being feasted on by capitalists everywhere, as flies would to a newly unwrapped candy (or newly-excreted, still warm dog turd--your choice), particularly those whose eyes sparkle at the sight of mighty downfalls or the inevitable passing of an era. That despite Cuba's government-run press's "He's ow-kay!!!' sing-song announcement some days after the From Fidel to Raul, with Love media buzz."

"Here it is folks. The best game in town. Bet on whether or not Fidel Castro will die soon. Of course, odds greatly favor Castro's return. He has nine lives. Someone should have thought of this one when John Kennedy tried to take him out with his infamous Bay OF Pigs operation. Jack Ruby, you got the wrong guy! Wager in if you dare."

"I just wonder how they're going to pay out if Cuba doesn't announce his death. I mean with such little corroborated new coming out of Cuba how are they going to be sure of the exact day? I mean the people betting on the month are probably safe but the people betting on the exact day are taking a huge gamble but that what gambling is anyway."