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The Cadillac of kitchen scales

Tanita's new model claims to withstand abuse from the "toughest cooks."

The Competitive Edge

A few days ago we ran an item noting the faux pas of giving a Wii Fit as a Mother's Day gift and suggested sarcastically that a scale be included to round out the package (pun intended). Some disagreed with our post and, we fear, may actually make matters worse by doing just that.

For those misguided souls we have another unsolicited suggestion: Rather than a scale used to weigh Mom, here's one for the kitchen instead that's a little more subtle. Tanita's stainless steel KD-400 is supposedly the Cadillac of kitchen scales, "designed to live up to abuse from the toughest cooks" and ensuring precise digital measurements for proper portions.

But frankly, we think this too can send the wrong message, unless she's one of the "foodie moms" this device is intended for in its product description. And even if she is, it doesn't mean she wouldn't like to be taken out to dinner for a change.