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The British do a fuel-cell sports car

Morgan's LifeCar will offer zero emissions

Among the parade of green cars at the 77th International Motor-Show in Geneva, specialty sports car manufacturer Morgan announced that it's building a fuel-cell sports car with zero emissions and a wooden chassis. Fans can expect to see the car make its debut at next year's show.

The LifeCar, as Pocket-lintnoticed, will run on oxygen taken from the air and hydrogen. Water vapor will be the only byproduct of the car's fuel cell, which is being designed by QinetiQ.

The car is "a wholly British partnership," according to Morgan, with funding from the U.K.'s Department of Trade and Industry. Oxford University is working on the electronic motors, BOC/Linde the hydrogen refueling plant, Cranfield University the onboard computing and control networks, and OSCar the computer system design and architecture.

The only catch to an environmentally friendly all-Brit sports car?

When driving in reverse it says, "Paul is dead."

Morgan LifeCar