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The Boys season 2 explained: That ending and all your questions answered

It was a huge final episode of Amazon's R-rated superhero show. Here's a rundown of what it all means.


Stormfront in The Boys.


Not only is Amazon's The Boys one of the most entertaining TV shows out right now, but the final episode of season 2 brought everything home with big reveals, deaths and a few surprisingly heroic moments.

So what does that packed ending mean for the next season? And what was with all the Fresca?

Let's run through some of the biggest questions from season 2 of The Boys.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead


Ashley, Stormfront, Homelander and Queen Maeve.


Who's the assassin blowing up people's heads?

In the final episode, we learn that Congresswoman Victoria Neuman is secretly a telekinetic assassin. She shockingly kills CIA agent Susan Raynor in the first episode. In episode 7, she kills Jonah Vogelbaum, the scientist who created and raised Homelander, Shockwave, A-Train's rival, and more at the hearing against Vought. In episode 8, she also kills Alastair Adana, the leader of the Church of the Collective, after he helps A-Train rejoin the Seven. We don't yet know her true motives, even though in public she opposes Vought.

Who was the superpowered terrorist?

After last season's revelation there are souped-up terrorists thanks to Compound V, the Boys discover one of terrorists is on the loose in New York City. He turns out to be Kimiko's younger brother, Kenji. After Starlight leaks that Compound V is responsible for giving superheroes their powers, Vought CEO Stan Edgar sends the Seven after Kenji. Stormfront kills him along with several civilians, framing Kenji for their deaths.

What's the Church of the Collective?

In a nutshell, the Church of the Collective is a religious group Stormfront was once a member of when they were "pure" and did not admit people of color. Importantly, the Collective archive information about their members, keeping a folder with documents detailing Stormfront's true identity.

What's with all the Fresca?

The lemon-lime drink made by the Coca-Cola company isn't far away whenever the Collective is around. Showrunner Eric Kripke explained the cult's drink of choice.

"We just in the writer's room thought it was hilarious that cult members drink Fresca," Kripke said. "It just seems like the official drink of cult members, which you know weirdly is going to be Fresca's new slogan in the fall!"

What's Stormfront's true identity?

Stormfront is really Klara Risinger, born in Berlin, Germany, over 100 years ago. Thanks to her plasma-based abilities, regenerative healing factor and longevity, she looks much younger. She was the first successful Compound V subject, receiving an injection from her husband, Frederick Vought. Originally from Nazi Germany, Stormfront is a white supremacist who murders Myron Hunter, an African-American man in the '70s, under her Liberty alias.

What was Stormfront doing at the psychiatric hospital?

Stormfront, Edgar and Vought had been working on stabilizing Compound V in adult subjects at the Sage Grove psychiatric hospital. Usually Compound V is injected in children, because the casualty rate in adults is much higher.

Who was Lamplighter?

Lamplighter, played by Shawn Ashmore, was a former member of the Seven with the power of pyrokinesis. Starlight took his spot when he retired. Lamplighter has since been working as an orderly in Sage Grove, covering up experiments that go wrong. When Lamplighter was still a member of the Seven, the Boys blackmailed him into spying for them. In retaliation, Lamplighter tried to kill the leader of the Boys, Grace Mallory, but accidentally killed her grandchildren instead. When Lamplighter joins Hughie in rescuing Annie, aka Starlight, from Vought, he commits suicide by setting himself on fire.


Hughie and Starlight.


Why didn't Homelander kill Butcher?

In season 1, Homelander and Maeve attempted to save a hijacked plane, when Homelander accidentally destroyed the control panel. Instead of attempting to save the passengers, Homelander forced Maeve to leave with him. When Butcher tries to take Ryan back from Homelander and Stormfront at the end of season 2, Maeve forces Homelander to let them go by threatening to expose footage of Homelander abandoning the passengers in the plane.

Is Stormfront still alive?

After Starlight, Maeve and Kimiko team up against Stormfront, she escapes, landing next to Becca, Butcher and Ryan as they're trying to escape. Becca stabs Stormfront in the eye, then as Stormfront chokes her, Ryan uses his laser eyes for the first time, amputating Stormfront's limbs and burning her face off. Her injuries leave her in a dazed state on the ground, muttering in German. Homelander later announces in a press conference that she's been incarcerated. So she's still alive.